• Why do people like the Taliban?

    The award-winning documentary explores the question of why people support the Taliban. The initial point is the own family story of the journalist Mariam Noori. Her grandfather turned away from the West and [...]

  • Afghanistan: a visit to the Taliban

    Kabul has fallen into the hands of the Taliban and the whole world is wondering: How did this happen? Why are the Taliban overrunning in such a short time a state that NATO [...]

  • Women under the Taliban Regime

    Women in Afghanistan had always to fight for their rights, but with the Taliban take over in August 2021, the few freedoms they fought for are in danger of disappearing for good. What [...]

  • How bad is Germany’s Next Topmodel?

    The dream machine called Germany's next Topmodel has been running for 17 years. Since the first season in 2006, the show - and Heidi Klum at its head - has promised thousands of [...]

  • Lovemobil-Fake

    In 2020, an informant contacted us about manipulation in documentary films. When journalist Mariam Noori got this mail, she discovered which film it must be: the multiaward- winning documentary „Lovemobil". What then comes [...]

  • The Renegades – a long way home

    “This is what your brother wanted: A martyr’s death.” Meral from Germany cannot believe it: Her little brother Ferhat, the baby boy of the family, is said to have died in the fight [...]

  • Ex-terrorist Oliver N. – does he deserve a 2nd chance?

    He was a terrorist: Oliver joined the IS at 16. There, he barely survived a bomb attack. Seven months later, he turned himself to the authorities in Austria and was sent to prison. [...]

  • Mr. Farooqi and the kidnapped child

    Danisch Farooqi has had no contact with his daughter for five years. This is because his ex-wife joined IS and kidnapped her to Syria. He wants his child back, but the German government [...]

  • The ISIS children – why don’t we bring them back?

    Aaliya from Hamburg has spent most of her life in war. She is three years old when her mother joins the IS and kidnapped the girl to Syria without the knowledge of her [...]

  • The sandstorm

    A sandstorm blinds drivers between Berlin and Rostock. Eight people died, 130 were injured. What traces did this April 8, 2011 leave behind? Kirsten Ettmeier hit another vehicle in the sand cloud, triggering [...]

  • Inside Wettmafia

    Two criminals working for the betting mafia tell us about their everyday lives and take us along on their forays. They bet live on manipulated games. We show investigators from "Sportradar" our research. [...]